About "Okazaki News"

"Okazaki News" is the only newspaper published in Chinese, English, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Japanese in the Okazaki Area, It used to be issued semimonthly on the 1st and 15th since July 1991, and is currently monthly from July 1, 2011 issue. It aims to provide visitors and residents from other countries with the latest news and information on forthcoming events, points of interests, Japanese customs, and the like. We celebrated the 20th anniversary in July 2011 and our 555th issue in December 2017.
The News is prepared by a volunteer group under the leadership of Sumiko Yamamoto, editor-in-chief.

"Okazaki News" is available free at these locations.

Copies of "Okazaki News" are available free at the following locations.

- Okazaki City Hospital
- Okazaki City Hall
- Northern Region Community Center gNagominh
- Libra International Community Center
- Aichi Prefectural Government Nishimikawa Office
- Okazaki City Civic Center
- The World Children's Art Museum in Okazaki
- Eastern Region Citizen Center
- OISCA (The Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement-International)
- Nagoya International Center Building
- Okazaki Central Hotel
- High schools in Okazaki
- Kindergartens in Okazaki
- International Associations in Aichi Prefecture

If you want to subscribe Okazaki News, please contact the following:
Telephone: 0564-21-6180, 080-3689-1936
Fax: 0564-23-3185
e-mail: belclara@m4.catvmics.ne.jp

"Okazaki News" Staff members

Editor-in-chief : Sumiko Yamamoto;

Nobuko Amano, Etsuko Esaka, Tomoko Goto, Yu'uko Hiwatashi, Hiroshi Inayoshi, Kanemi Inoue, Ken Kawano, Toshikuni Kawashima, Takashi Komada, Masa'aki Murano, Hisayo Nagasono, Kinji Sakaguchi, Yuka Sato, Mitsue Shimamoto, Hisashi Shimizu, LY Sugita, Hiroshi Tsuruta, Yoshiyuki Tsuzuki, Wu Wen, Itsumi Yamamoto, Keika Yoshida, Kohji Yoshida.
(22 support members in alphabetical order)