Ms. Sumiko Yamamoto, publisher and editor-in-chief of “Okazaki News,” was given a commendation for her acts of charitable services to the people, especially her great contribution to the development of a multicultural society in Mikawa area through abridged translations of “Okazaki City News” in Chinese, English, Japanese and Portuguese for the past three decades.
Language Translators/Editors (volunteers):
  • English: Toshikuni Kawashima (from New York)
  • Portuguese: Mitsue Arima, Kanemi Inoue (from England)
  • Chinese: Yoshida Keika, Go Bun
  • Vietnamese: Rii Sugita, Tra Nguyen Chaa
Thanking you again for your kind and continued support.
  Editor in chief : Sumiko Yamamoto